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I am an inner Wisdom-Joy-Love explorer and perpetual Student and Celebrant of Life. I have trained in Healing, Meditation, Qi Gong, Shamanism, Sufism, Biodanza, Tantra, Creative process… I Work as Dancing Heart Path Facilitator, Heart Fire Life Coach, Colibri Heart Tribal Trance Dance Shamanic guyde, and am the Founder of Bliss Conscious Clubbing. I am also a full time Father to my wonder full Son, and have learnt and am learning and celebrating so much through the Conscious Parenting Path and Way of Awakening Relating.
„The Dancing Heart Path is a revealing Path, an unveiling of our Presence and potential. My role as Initiator of this process is to Be your guyde and reminder, to encourage and support you in this great re-discovery, this opening into your deepest Authenticity, inviting you to face all that no longer belongs to you, to embrace and celebrate all that wishes to dance from the fullness of You.
„I love dance in all its forms. Dance is for me a connection with the present moment, the wild and gentle play of all elements, fleeting and deep meetings, reconciliations, both the silence of a spring in winter and huge thundering summer river of ardent lava.
Dance is the voice of my Heart. I see Dance as the dynamic balance between the structure of a project manager and the fluency of an contact impro dancer. With this feeling, with all that Dance means to me, I bring this energy to create my daily steps and big projects too.“
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KArolína inspires by depth of her wisdom nad gentleness of her perception. She prepares, holds nad supports energetical and physical space for dance and for geeting konwledge of deepest self – by full Presence, by conscious Touch, by her kindness she guides others on their way to developing wisdom of Life. In her palms she is offering  DobroTY.