Susie is a dynamic workshop leader as well as a talented singer-songwriter, voice coach, composer for choirs, ceremonial singer and Yoga Nidra teacher. She tours internationally with her popular harmony singing workshops, soulful concerts, retreats, improvisation weekends, DreamSong evenings and teacher training courses, sharing her heart-felt music and joy of singing together wherever she goes. She also offers online events and e-courses to be enjoyed by all, wherever you are in the world.


Slovak singer and multi-instrumentalist, musician, improviser and composer. With his music, he creates a wonderful atmosphere that pampers, caresses the soul and heals.
Through his mystical compositions, he opens space to discover the colors of his own inner worlds and the corners of his soul. His music is real, touches the heart and becomes an invitation to honestly know yourself here and now.


„The songs that flow through Tranzan are a pure celebration of being. Strong conscious messages, singing shared with the audience, wild dance rhythms, meditative calm, these are the springs that merge into a single river of joy in life. It is music that accompanies people to to the bottom of his soul and then beyond the boundaries of the earth’s atmosphere. Tranzan is like a shaman who travels between the worlds and connects them into a harmonious whole. His songs have become an integral part of all kinds of therapies, ceremonies and celebrations called Butterfly is just flying out into the world.


Shaman, dancer and warrior of the heart from England. He studied shamanism, dream work, qi gong, tantra, meditation, healing, working with the inner child, negotiation and communication skills, mythology, creative processes and biodance.

Guy’s dance journeys are very popular for their unique combination of a strong connection with spirituality while being grounded in the body. It inspires and leads to openness, love, understanding and action.

He shares his work in the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Holland, France, Canada, Ireland and Great Britain. In the Czech Republic and other countries it offers „The Dancing Heart Path“.


Musician, lecturer, music theorist, conductor and believer in an alternative approach to life. He calls himself a „quiet musical warrior“. For a long time he was looking for a different way to approach the study of music and playing a musical instrument. Through his search, he discovered various methods that can show musicians that playing their instrument can be fun, a great adventure, creative and self-expressive. He found out how to open himself up to creativity and realized his musical ideas. He is the author of the book Musical Games 1, which shows a new perspective on the development of a student musician and provides concrete advice on how to play and practice an instrument in a different way. He also applied the principles from the book in the development of the Noutee mobile application, which helps musicians practice their compositions (rhythm, intonation, notes, music theory…).


His musical journey as a DJ began in 2000. He was 14 years old when he started playing every Sunday at a disco for teenagers and soon after that he devoted himself to house music. After two decades of crazy partying times, he spent some time in a meditation center in the middle of the forest, where he tried to find inner peace and a life in balance with a small community of people. However, his heart still beat with love for music. A few years ago, he discovered conscious events such as ecstatic dance, cocoa dance, five-rhythm dance or sacred singing circles. Since then, his passion for music flows like never before. As an Ecstatic dance DJ, Jobbi mixes prayers and harmonizes vibrations with a colorful palette of sounds and styles. In his waves we can enjoy his own remixes and music production. They believe that life is a dance, so our dance is an organic celebration of life itself. He loves to celebrate together in joy and freedom.


It has always been my dream to find a place where people can meet, talk, laugh, philosophize, train and practice yoga. A place where people are connected to nature, to be in harmony with their surroundings and with themselves. 

Mark’s lessons are always a challenge, but also a beautiful stretch.


Singer and multi-instrumentalist, music teacher.