sacred place

benešov nad černou, Kuří 54

practical info


Kuří 54, Benešov nad Černou, Czech Republic


In a previously reserved place in the meadow near the center of Boží.


A tent town and places for caravans will be prepared right on Boží.


Sacred place (Boží) offers beautiful spaces in nature, where we can sleep under tents or in the open air. If you prefer sleeping in a cot, your own bathroom and greater comfort, we have listed the closest accommodation options near the venue for you. We have agreed with the guesthouse owners that each participant will book their accommodation by themselves and say the password „SLUNOVRAT“, so that we know that the capacities booked for our event have been filled or are filling up 🙂

Na Samotě u lesa

Accommodation in a family apartment, where there is a room for 5 people with a shared bathroom, kitchen and fridge. It is within walking distance of Boží (approx. 500 m)   

650,- / person / night

Mrs. Dubská, tel.: 606 227 713 Kuří 39, 382 41 Benešov nad Černou

Penzion v Benešově

The beautiful new guesthouse in Benešov is located 2.5 km from Boží and offers double rooms or apartments.   800-1000,- / person / night

Mrs. Morongová, tel.: 606 779 083 Benešov nad Černou 341 ,382 82

Penzion Naděje

Pension Naděje is secluded, in a quiet place surrounded by nature. It is 5 km away from Boží. It offers double or quadruple rooms.  500,- / person / night

Mrs. Pinová, tel: 775 271 282 Dluhoště 39, Benešov nad Černou


Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner in a delicious version of Dancing Kitchen catering.


Each of us will bring our own dishes and we will take care of them the whole time.


There will be outdoor showers and a wood-scented toilet, as well as a bathroom and toilet in a designated area.


Children are warmly welcomed, we have our own program prepared for them,

but furry pets please leave at home.

sacred place is boží!

Sacred sounds like a „Great Word“ and it IS a „Great Place“ too!
The photos will say a lot, the video maybe a little more, but what you will experience when you get there is indescribable. It is not only the magic of the nature of the Novohradské Hory that affects this perfect place, but also the care and love of the owners of the facilities, which are provided for the festival, are breathtaking.
Why Sacred?
„There are beautiful places on Boží, connected with beautiful energy. Whether it’s a bench under an oak with a view to the west or a hill a little above the center, where the view opens up in all directions, or the shade of a cherry tree, or a small pond for meditation and stillness, water where the sky is reflected…
It is also a very powerful place. 4 hills guard the whole place and each of those 4 hills is a separate magical place in itself. The landscape thus forms a blessed embrace for a person to relax, breathe, connect with himself and connect with the place, anchor himself in full presence and open up to encounters and co-being with lightness. 
And all this is in great harmony with the time of the summer solstice, the time of celebration of Life, the time of celebration of Being. That’s why Sacred :-). “ 
We believe that you too feel the wonderful energy of the place. 
We look forward to Boží saying his WELCOME to you!